Eminem’s record for having the most words in a track has been totally smashed.

He currently holds the world record for Rap God which stands at a whopping 1560 words long, but drum and base MC Harry Shotta has gone one way better. His track Animal has a whole 200 words more than Rap God and is 1771 words in length. Whoa. It’s six minutes long and Harry explained to UKF: ‘I wanted it to be the exact length of Rap God and, just for a personal challenge, I wanted to see if I could get anywhere close to his word count.’ No doubt Eminem will be pleased.

The song is similar in sound to Rap God, and Harry explain she hopes it’ll be officially recognised as holding the new world record. ‘The process is a long-winded one but we know the word count is more than Eminem and hopefully they’ll recognize that. ‘This is purely about pushing our art and having some fun.’ He promises there’s no beef, although he totally just brung it.