Eminem’s former apartment in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City is now officially for sale — and at 2,170-square feet, you can definitely lose yourself in it.

The condominium, housed in a pre-war, luxury building, boasts views of the Statue of Liberty, Battery Park, and the Verrazano Bridge, as well as ample sunlight and an airy layout, according to its listing on StreetEasy. But what’s seen in photos doesn’t convey the interesting history of Eminem’s former pad, as Ed Mermelstein of One & One Realty, the firm that represents the sale, tells Fox News.


“The area, when Eminem was living there many years ago, was an area in transition but now it’s become much more of a livable area with lots of services all around, so I’m not sure if he necessarily wants to live in an area that’s now considered more upscale,” laughed Mermelstein.

“It’s technically part of the whole Tribeca scene, and it’s cool, it’s hip, as opposed to the grungy area it used to be when he was living there — and that was more than a few years ago. I’m not sure if the Eminem of the past would live in this type of apartment, but I think Eminem has changed significantly, and his bank account probably would [still] allow him to live in this type of an apartment today,” he added.

The space also boasts elevator access straight to the apartment, walk-in closets, a kitchen equipped with a Wolf range, Sub-zero refrigerator and double wine cooler, a Jacuzzi, a laundry room, motorized shades throughout the unit, and central AC. In other words, the space is certainly befitting a 15-time Grammy award winner.


Mermelstein could not comment as to exactly when the rapper lived in or sold the unit, but he noted that the “very high end” upgrades Em — or Marshall Mathers — made during his tenure were significant enough to seriously boost the apartment’s value.

“When he was living there it was a different time — his lifestyle today is more in line with what the apartment is like today,” Mermelstein said.

Adding that he could not speak for any of Eminem’s other properties or real estate investments, as One & One Realty only represents this sale, Mermelstein said that units of this type usually sell for $2,500 to $3,000 a foot, so this unit is expected to sell for roughly $3.5 to $4 million dollars. He even mused that perhaps another “Hollywood type” would pick it up.

“My understanding is that everyone is moving in that direction. Just a few blocks away is 443 Greenwich, one of the more star-studded buildings in New York,” Mermelstein said.