0’s was the decade of technology and rising stars but 00’s was also the decade of some cringy hairstyles.

From citizens to celebs we are counting 15 cool 00’s hairstyles that are cringy now!



1. Pink’s Faux-Hawk

Who better to kick off this list Pink herself? Pink had some major beauty looks from the 2000s, but her cropped, voluminous faux-hawk has got to be one of the most memorable. She rocked the short hairstyles, and it certainly became a trend but it is definitely a cringy thing now.

2. Fluffy

“I was on the middle school football team and my long hair always got caught in my helmet so my mom gave me this sick ‘do. I still haven’t forgiven her.”

3. Blue HeadCool 00’s Hairstyles That Are Cringey Today

“Rocking that blue hair (featuring Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush, since that apparently was a thing).”

4. Yesterday’s QueenCool 00’s Hairstyles That Are Cringey Today

“I really don’t know what is more stereotypical: the double tank tops, the huge hoops, the outward hair flip, or the crazy chunky highlights… My senior pics haunt my dreams.”

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5. Winona Ryder’s Choppy Bob

If there’s any hair ‘do that is very obviously from the 2000s, it’s this one. No hard feelings, Winona, but your choppy, feathered bob is just simply outdated. But hey, at least it was popular back then!

6. Nerd Girl

“Problems with this haircut: 1) middle part, 2) side bangs on curly hair, and 3) headband serving no actual purpose.”

7. The Human Bell PepperCool 00’s Hairstyles That Are Cringey Today

“Back from when I was a human bell pepper. Why I thought this was cool I’ll never know.”

8. The Vegan Chicken LoverCool 00’s Hairstyles That Are Cringey Today

“I loved my mohawk, but I didn’t want my employment options limited to Hot Topic or nothing.”

9. The Other Undertaker?Cool 00’s Hairstyles That Are Cringey Today

“White eyeshadow with eyeliner, and a bald ponytail with a skinny headband! Classic 2009.”

10. Ugly RainbowCool 00’s Hairstyles That Are Cringey Today

“This is really embarrassing. That hairstyle and the colors didn’t work for me at all.”

11. Natalie Portman’s Wispy Bangs

Another popular style of bang was the wispy kind, which Natalie Portman rocked in 2004 and looked darling. While I don’t think it would be as cute today, I definitely remember wispy bangs being a popular trend among millennials.

12. Curly Plateau

“My room, my hair, my chain…”

13. I don’t knowCool 00’s Hairstyles That Are Cringey Today

“I tried to be ‘edgy’ with my blue streaks and the Myspace angle gave me a double chin so I’d do this.”

14. Not a CosplayCool 00’s Hairstyles That Are Cringey Today

“Side bangs I cut myself and straightened when I crimped my hair. It took over a year to grow them out and even longer for me to realize that I should never touch a hair crimper ever again.”

15. Am I cute?Cool 00’s Hairstyles That Are Cringey Today

“Circa 2003, peep the butterfly clips.”