So Eminem is homophobic. We know that. That’s not really up for debate, no matter how many times he says it’s just part of his stage persona. If being anti-gay is part of your stage persona, then there’s a pretty strong chance that you’re not the biggest fan of homosexuals in your offstage life either. The same way that if you’re getting drunk and saying the n-word, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve said the n-word sober.

But since it’s a pretty universal fact that Eminem is homophobic, it’s always a pretty big bummer when other artists work with him. It’s confusing and I don’t know how to feel, especially because one of the people to collaborate on his most recent album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, was one of my favorite artists, and someone who openly identifies as ‘queer’ herself — Sia.

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I was nervous that I might to reevaluate my feelings about Sia in light of her working with someone who so unabashedly uses the word ‘faggot’, but I shouldn’t have worried. When challenged by a fan on Twitter about her collaboration on the album, Sia expressed the same concerns that I was feeling. She had a thoughtful back-and-forth with a user named @KeoNozari, and I can’t explain her feelings better than she does, so here: