Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was just found guilty of rape and sexual battery on Thursday. Now, his sentence has been handed down, and he is coming to the harsh realization that being a police officer didn’t save him from the 263 year sentence that a jury just handed down to him.

Prosecutors said that Officer Holtzclaw preyed on women were know to police for having had run-ins with the department in the past. He then told them that if they were to report him, he would have them arrested on charges related to their past.

But Holtzclaw, 29, wasn’t feeling so aggressive on Thursday, when broke down in tears upon hearing the reading of the verdict.

He was convicted of raping 13 women, but was cleared of about half of the total 36 counts against him. He has not had his sentencing set for January, which could likely see him serving the massive sentence as what would amount to life in prison.

Protesters who gathered outside the court earlier this week, demanded that the all-white jury convict the officer based on the physical evidence and the word of the 13 black women, who testified about how they were sexually assaulted.

While the prosecution has easily characterized Holtzclaw as predator who sought victims living in poverty and with criminal histories that he could hold over their heads, the defense for the rapist cop has said that all of these women have independently invented these rape allegations against the shamed officer.

Holtzclaw, additionally is accused of targeting African American women specifically.