One of the best battle rappers, Dizaster, who is starring in the up-coming battle-rap movie Bodied, which is produced by Eminem, pens the letter to the Rap God on his latest Instagram post:

“When u transcend time and become larger than the music, the artists ,the genre Itself you become lionized in a light that’s impossible to ever recapture. U become a god in everyone’s head and a symbol of what the pinnacle looks like and because of that people won’t accept less. The thing is , people are fragile minded and they always forget who started this shit ( this the motherfuckin thanks I get) that comes to mind quick lmfao…. Truth is, a legends real contribution to our evolution is never truly appreciated till that person is gone. So I’m gonna say this while he’s alive . Em will always be #1 wether he meets ur expectations today or not , he already owned an era before u formed an opinion. He doesn’t have to keep recreating the Marshall mathers LP to prove that.

This is not for the rappers that have dropped some hot records this is for timeless greatness and a pioneer of our generation and above all I can’t thank him enough for the impact he’s had on all our lives. RESPECT. FOREVER . MARSHALL. @eminem #GODTIER #ANDSTILLLLL #RAPGOD.”