Eminem is arguably one of the biggest rappers in the industry. He was the best-selling artist of the 2000’s in the United States and has even been called the ‘King of Hip Hop’ by media outlets. But he’s not just known as Eminem, he’s also:

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (real name)
The Real Slim Shady (alter ego)
Jimmy ‘B-Rabbit’ Smith (movie character)
Although he is mostly known for his rap tracks, the man has also dabbled in acting. He played the lead in ‘8 Mile’, a semi-autobiographical film about the rapper’s life.

The 2002 film was set in 1995 and followed B-Rabbit and his journey to the rap game. For those that are a fan of the rap movie, you might be interested to read these 16 behind-the-scenes facts about the film.

1. The song ‘Lose Yourself’ won an Oscar making it the first rap song EVER to win an Academy Award. Way to Go, Eminem!

2. The character David ‘Future’ Porter (played by Mekhi Phifer) was actually based on Eminem’s real life best friend, Proof. The best part? Proof actually played ANOTHER character in the film, a rapper named Lil’ Tic.

3. The protagonist of the film, Jimmy ‘B-Rabbit’ Smith, was called ‘Rabbit’ because of his big ears. Eminem faced a similar situation in real life. He was nicknamed ‘Mickey’ for the exact same reason.

4. Before shooting, the rapper was sporting some platinum blonde hair but the director of the movie asked Mathers to dye it back to his original hair color. Why? He thought this would make it easier for the viewers to relate to Jimmy instead of Eminem.

5. Although Eminem originally started out rapping in the club ‘Shelter’, they couldn’t film the movie there because it had become TOO NICE as a club.

6. Eminem was suppose to lip sync his lines during the rap battle scenes but after a bunch of rappers began to challenge him, he legit started to rap back.

7. We know that many actors and actresses gain and/or lose weight for a role, and it turns out that Eminem was one of them. He ended up losing 24 pounds for his part.

8. In the film, the group ‘313’, is a reference to Detroit’s area code. But that’s not the only area code in the area. In the film, ‘B-Rabbit’ references 810 to insult ‘posers’ living in the upper class suburbs instead of the lower income area code 313 (Detroit and Wayne County).

9. The movie was directed by Curtis Hanson but it turns out there were other directors considered for the position. Quentin Tarantino was approached but turned it down because he was working on ‘Kill Bill.’

10. Eminem was the star of the film and the director made sure that was known. In fact, the rapper appeared in every single scene!

11. When you’re working closely with a group of good looking actors and actresses, you can expect that there will be a little bit of love in the air. Eminem and co-star Brittany Murphy ended up having a low-key romance! The actress admitted to it during an interview with David Letterman.

12. A sequel was supposed to be made following the film but it ended up getting scrapped. Later on, it ended up becoming ‘Southpaw.’ It was a film about a down-on-his-luck boxer and his journey back to the top.

13. When the movie was being transferred into theatres, the cans containing prints of the film, were labelled as ‘Mars Project.’

14. The character Greg Buehl a.k.a Jimmy’s mom’s abusive boyfriend was originally suppose to be played by Gary Sinise. But in the movie, it ended up being Michael Shannon.

15. Since the rapper was so busy filming, he barely had time to write. The only time he was able to focus on his music was during breaks between scenes.

16. After ‘Lose Yourself’ won an Oscar, the piece of paper that Eminem wrote the song on became very valuable. It ended up being sold for over $10,000 at an auction!

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