EFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — How in the world did this happen? That’s exactly what authorities in Colorado were wondering when they got a call Monday about three mastiffs stuck in a storm drain. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office noted the mastiff is a pretty big pup. “That’s why this story is so incredible,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post. It turns out the pups escaped their yard and curiosity led them to a nearby drain. West Metro Fire Rescue along with an animal control officer and the sheriff’s office helped this story have a happy ending: All three mastiffs were rescued. The animal control officer spoke with the dogs’ owner about the dangers of dogs running at large. The kids and their mom who own the trio say they’re great fun and “just mischievous.” The dogs are two brothers and a sister, and the smallest one, the sister, is the ringleader. She likes to lead her brothers on adventures outside of the yard. The family said they’ve fixed the backyard so their three pets can’t escape again.

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