Funny club Presents 17 Amazing Things In Nature You Won’t Believe Actually Exist|Unbelievable Nature. 1. Reflective Salt Flats in Bolivia Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat Located in southwest Bolivia, These breathtaking salt flats are definitely you need to see before you die. This is like a mirror and the salt lake is one kind of trap. You can forget your way easily. You can walking in this mirrored wonderland and you need to remember which way is going up and which is going down. 2. Pink Lake Hillier in Australia In the Australia we see many different type of nature. But this time I want to saw you pink color lake .and it’s so amazing. Pink Lake Hillier in Australia is only one pink lake in the world. The captivating pink lake is not a trick of the light. The scientist thinks a huge amount of salt is in the pink lake. 3. Frozen Air Bubbles in Abraham Lake. Air bubble is frozen you think is funny. But if you visit the Abraham lake you can see the Frozen Air Bubbles. This lake is stated in Canada. 4. Spider web Cocooned Trees in Pakistan This trees look like spider web. In the Pakistan this spider trees are situated in besides the lake.people are always walking on there. 5. Shimmering Shores of Vaadhoo Maldives Did you seen jelly fish. But this jelly fish are really amazing and I think you cannot believe the jelly fish are looking the diamond the beach . 6. Baltic Sea and the North Sea merge. 7. Blood-Falls-in-Antarctica. 8. England Fairytale cottages 9. Eucalyptus-deglupta-trees 10. Giant Crystal Cave in Naica, Mexico 11. Light Pillars Over Moscow. 12. Menorca Spain clean water 13. Mù Cang Chải District Vietnam 14. Popocatépetl Volcano Sigara Mexico 15. The Wave Arizona. 16. underwater forest of lake kaindy 17. Volcanic Lightning in Iceland