An unhappy customer from South Korea decided to wreck his luxury Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG after the dealership declined his demands for refund or exchange. The guy decided to wreck his luxury car slowly with a golf club and we got to say it`s a bit painful to watch. In March, this man that goes by the name of Je-Ha Yu purchased the vehicle from a South Korean dealership called Shin Sung Motors located in Gwangju, South Korea. The luxury vehicle that got totally wrecked with a golf club costs $170,000! Yu stated that the vehicle had failed him a couple of times.

One incident happened when the Merc`s engine died down while on an overpass. At the moment his pregnant wife and young son were with him in the car. Furious, the unhappy customer took the car at the dealership and in front of their doorstep he calmly started wrecking the Merc`s doors, windows and roof. However, Yu showed absolutely no attempt to injure anyone, only the car was the victim. The dealership raised complaints against Yu for obstructing business transaction. However, the charge was soon dropped. Now, both parties are setting things amicably. We think that the local government should start an investigation to determine if there really were any technical issues with the luxury model.