Tips & Tricks How to change COMAND logo to AMG (hidden menu)

Did you know that you can change the logo on your COMAND radio system from displaying the Mercedes Benz logo to display the /////AMG logo. To make the change you need to know a few simple steps, a secret procedure that you won’t find in your owners manual. You don’t need a Star Diagnostic Software to make this change.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Turn your key possiton 2. This should allow you to turn on your radio/command system.
Pres 5, hold and wait for about one second.
Press 3 as you continue to hold down 5.
Press 7 but continue to hold down 5 and 3 buttons. Wait about 5 seconds.
You should see a menu that comes up. Scroll until you see AMG211_ECE
Switch off ignition. You will have to wait a few minutes before you get in the car and turn the radio on to see the change.

This video will show you how to change the the logo that the COMAND displays when powered on. By default it shows the Mercedes Benz Logo.

Make sure to select the correct chassis but showing AMG. In this case the 211.