The Socialist and Democratic parties announced the agreement they reached on May 18th.

Rama and Basha thanked the US and EU for their contribution to resolve the political situation, and confirmed their will for institutionalizing a new level of dialogue between the majority and opposition.

Sources say that Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha will have periodic meetings for having elections with democratic standards, which will help the country’s European Integration process.

The agreement starts with the elections. The parties suggest the President to decree the new election date on June 25th.

The political parties of the opposition will register right away for the elections, and the Kavaja local elections will be held on the same day with the central ones.

The second paragraph of the agreement is about the government and it leaves the leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Petrit Vasili, outside the cabinet.

DP will take the Deputy Prime Minister and six key ministries: the Ministry of Interior, Education, Health, Social Welfare, Finances and Youth.

The names will need to be approved by the Socialist Party. The opposition will have five directories, the Energy Distribution company, the Property Legalization, the Property Registration, Prisons and the National Agency of Rural and Agricultural Development.

Rama and Basha agreed to vote the Vetting institutions in an extraordinary session, change the criminal code through harsher sanctions, create new criminal charges related to elections and turn vote purchase a corruption act.

The laws for funding parties and voting the members of the Council of Ministers will be harsher. The opposition will propose the new Chairman of the Central Election Commission and also the new Ombudsman.

The third and most interesting part of the agreement is related to the key reforms that will be voted with the new Parliament. Among them is the constitutional and electoral reform. The involvement of electronic technologies will remain for the next elections.

Decriminalization remains a key issue of the political agreement, with the parties committed to remove people with criminal records, starting from their own party lists. The opposition will also be part of the National Task Force for the fight against the drug traffic.